Polly Pocket Mini

Polly Pocket is the little blond girl with the red hair loop that a designer had created for his daughter. In an old powder can, he added a house for this small figure of just 1 cm in size. Bluebird Toys then produced the first Polly Pocket Sets 1989. At first they were sold in funny, colorful plastic cans. Houses and landscapes soon followed.

These products are no longer manufactured and are especially interesting for collectors. We offer in this category only high-quality sets with low usage traces and the original figures, as far as they are available. Please note the photos and descriptions. Partly existing light and noise effects work and the batteries are usually renewed by us.
The prices depend on availability and quality and can be correspondingly high.

You are looking for Polly Pocket Mini for children's hands?
In our category "Jumble display" you will find PPM sets, which have deficiencies and / or have stronger usage traces but are still quite good playable.