LEGO® Fabuland®

Fabuland®, a product group of the Danish toy company LEGO®, was manufactured and sold between 1979 and 1988. LEGO Fabuland was especially designed for children between the ages of 3 and 7 years. In the lego catalog of 1979 said: "A new, small world, easy to build - fantastic to play with."
In these 10 years, 99 different sets of Fabuland were produced. Interesting: In the building instructions the Fabuland figures can be seen, how they assemble the parts themselves. In the Instruction, usually there was a little story, to stimulate the imagination of the children.

These products are no longer manufactured and are especially interesting for collectors. We offer in this category only high-quality sets with low usage traces and the original parts and components. Please note the photos and descriptions.
The prices depend on availability and quality and can be correspondingly high.
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