LEGO® Duplo® for infants from 18 months is the entry into the LEGO world. The Duplo building blocks are double (Latin "Duplo") as large as the LEGO building blocks and can not be swallowed. There are Duplo sets on various topics, especially the Duplo Railway occupies a large place.
With us you will also find the older, difficult to get sets, as well as Duplo figures and Duplo parts.

We stand behind our work, for each set being proved exactly of its completeness and proper quality. After an optical check-up, each set will be counted on the base of an accurate list of pieces. Larger sets, they will be packed in number-bearing bags. Would the case occur that pieces are missed or defective, we would ask you to contact us as soon as possible.

Description of the article: If a set is showing faults or imperfection, we indicate it clearly in the item description.

Building instructions: Whether an instruction paper being part of the article or not, it will be mentioned in the item description. All instructions of LEGO as well as of Duplo (at least most of latter) be found in the Internet.

You want to construct a set at the table by means of your smartphone or the tablet? Then we recommend the website: http://lego.brickinstructions.com
To find directly the set you wanted, we advise you to put in the very number of the set in position "Search".

ADVICE: Before you send us a "missing" message, please assemble the set completely and inspect also carefully the package as well as your "working place".
If there are stickers - still unused and proper - we add those to the instruction. In addition, you will find - the normal case - sails or fabric parts in the instruction or separately packed.