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As parents of four children, we were dependent on the fact that our kids could enjoy themselves very well. Thus, we are familiar with the toy market for over 25 years and are convinced about knowing the needs of children of all ages.

Long ago, we bought used toys, as mentioned, to balance our budget.
Experience with flea markets and online auctions has shown us many shopping difficulties:
Games were often incomplete, books scribbled, broken toys pasted over – and what we were looking for, we did rarely found.

All this has led us to offer a good selection of well-kept, intact and complete toys in a webshop. Just as we would have liked it for us 25 years ago!
Our current stock includes some thousands of items. Actually we have only a small part on list. Be assured, you will find many new articles in our shop daily.

All product images are photographed and edited by ourselves. By this fact, you know exactly what you get, therefore we protect ourselves from copyright conflicts.

Patricia & Dieter Ramseier
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